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14 Reasons Why You Have To Love The Mumbai Local

Mumbai without its lifeline, the local train, will be dead. The Mumbai locals, also known as the lifeline of Mumbai are undoubtedly the most reliable public transport in India. With trains at every ten minutes, there is probably no other city that has such frequent trains. Even if you miss a train you are sure you are just ten minutes late. The Mumbai locals transport millions of people every day making life a lot easier. So here’re 14 reasons why you have to love the Mumbai local.

1. It makes your life a lot simpler.
With such a wide railway network, these local take you to whichever corner of the city you want to go to.
Lifeline of Mumbai

2. You are never too late.
With frequent trains, as frequently as one in every 10 minutes, even if you are late, it’s just by ten minutes.
Never too late

3. A new experience each day.
Since you have so many people travelling with you every day, there would be fights or something or the other happening throughout your journey.
Mumbai local

4. Train friends!
If you are a regular Mumbai local traveller you are sure to make some train friends as you meet each other every day on the same train and eventually you have your own group in the train and journey is never tiring even after a long day at work.
Mumbai local

5. You will never get lost.
If you are new to the city and Mumbai locals, there is nothing to worry even if you are lost. Your fellow passengers will go out of the way to guide you.
Mumbai local

6. You can shop as well.
Travelling and shopping at the same time! You get vegetables, fruits, stationary, accessories, clothes and what not and at very affordable rates to top it all.
Mumbai local

7. You observe new people, which is equal to new stories every day.
New stories

8. When you stand at the door, you know wind going through, you are the best thing ever. Although leaning is not good.
Mumbai local

9. Travelling by train is the only alone time you get where you can involve in deep thinking.
Deep thinking

10. It can also be the only music time you have which is quite refreshing in the day.

11. It is like a small break in the day where you don’t do anything except stand in the middle of a few strangers, a little squeezed and squashed.
Mumbai local

12. Local trains are something which makes us feel the fast and furious life of Bombay asap!
Mumbai life
13. Early morning bhajans and the feel of the air. 
Mesmerizing totally!
Mumbai local

14. If you are late for a class or office you can always blame the trains.
Mumbai local


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