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Broken Heart

Today I stopped trying to be 'someone' for somebody who never thought of me as anyone appreciated and important to them. Inside I know the space I had for them is now crushed and broken.. Let the facts be out in the open and the truth be spoken... In time it will be for the best...although I feel an emptiness...knowing what I considered worthwhile..proved shallow and unreal. I've learned sometimes emotions seem clearer than perception..and eventually can lead to a heartbreaking revelation that someone cherished proves that their friendship was in fact deception. I cry tears of realization that once again I believed the lies that were in disguise and covered up... Honesty was masked with coy flattery. Why was I so darn naive? I can and will move on...but I won't forget I was forgotten and actually believed a lie. Not a lie out of the mouth...but of the heart. That piece of friendship is now torn apart.... I mustn't be sorry for the encourageme

10 Perks Of Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

When love and friendship go hand in hand, it makes space for the ultimate life ever. Fall in love with your best friend and your life will be full of epic adventures, hilarious laughs, and an understanding that will never need words. When you fall in love with your best friend, your life is a bed of roses, that you never want to leave. A love story is successful when two compatible souls come together. A love story is successful when you and your best friend fall in love with each other. Read on to know the perks of falling in love with your best friend: 1. There is no space for inhibitions, so you are the most comfortable around them You can wear whatever that you want, talk however you want. No judgments, no embarrassment. 2. Since they know you and your life story inside out, there are no scary hidden secrets That means a carefree honest relationship. 3. You two understand each other more than anyone. One look and you read what’s on their mind Ther

11 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend

Friends are the best people of your life as you have an option to choose them. We all have a best friend who understands you more than your beloved one. So would it be fair enough if we date our bestie ? Let’s see some reasons why you should date your best friend.. 1. She/he understands you more than your parents Source Your bestie understands you even more than your parents do as they easily can relate themselves to you. 2. Bonding Source The best bonding you do have is with your best friend. 3. You know what he /she actually wants Source You know what exactly your best friend expects from you and hence your relationship will go smooth 4. You know each other’s past Source You both know each other’s ex, crush and it will be easy to get them over their past. 5. All secrets are out Source Obviously all your secrets are out and you don’t need to spy each other. 6. Love is already there Source There is an unconditional and selfless love in best