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15 Things You Learn When You Live Away From Home

1. You realize that your hometown is much closer to your heart than you ever thought Image source 2. You start valuing money and appreciate what you already have Image source 3. You learn all sorts of management skills Image source 4. You learn to solve your own problems Image source and it makes you more humble because life is a long lesson on humility. 5. You become independent: cooking, cleaning & taking care of yourself Image source 6. You start to enjoy travelling You become a traveler. 7. You become more responsible 8. Although you have the freedom to party like crazy, you start doing it responsibly 9. You meet new people who challenge your opinions.. . . and it helps develop your own. 10. You learn how to deal with the real world. You get to know the true faces of people 11. You realize the importance of having friends and how they become your family away from family

15 Romantic Quotes From Letters Of Famous Writers That Will Make You Fall In Love

No matter how much you Snapchat, or how many hours you   skype , it is never same as a love letter. When it comes to expressing love, nothing beats the good old   hand-written   letter complete with stamps and sent via actual postal services. When you write a letter, you not only put your thoughts, but your heart in it. It shows the other person that you care, that you put that little extra effort of choosing a paper, selecting a pen, spending a little more time on writing, and walking those extra few   metres   to that post box. From writing a simple “I love you” to scribbling exquisite words, do walk that extra mile once. It will be worth it. And to help you,  we bring excerpts from love letters of 15 writers, who poured their hearts out on a single piece of paper. 1. From John Keats to Fanny Brawne Image source 2. Oscar Wilde’s letter to Lord Alfred Douglas Image source 3. Franz Kafka’s love letter to Felice Bauer Image source 4. From Dylan Thomas to

14 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship With Your Best Friend Is The Best Thing Ever

Dating   can often be a rather tedious affair. To begin with, it's hard to find someone whom you actually click with, and then to pursue the person and get into a relationship subsequently, if you're lucky enough that is, is also like taking a leap of faith. It can go right and life will be good, but god forbid if it goes wrong, then your life can become a living hell. How about you save yourself that misery, and be in a   relationship   with your best friend instead! Before you completely dismiss the idea, hear us out. It's, hands down, the most awesome thing ever. Let these 14 reasons tell you why. 1. There is no room for any surprises (or read: shock). The secrets are all out on the table. Her drunken escapades, all the a*s-holes she dated in the past, her ideologies and her expectations. 2. You already know what the other person wants from a relationship. You know she wants to get married by 30 and hates cats. There is no fear of truth, no guessing gam

Tell The Person You’re In Love With About Your Feelings. It’s The Best Thing You Can Do Today

Love is blind and not easy to find. And I couldn't say this with any greater conviction but it doesn't come to those who wait. Or at least wait for too long.  " Har ishq ka waqt hota hai"  and all the jazz we hear in the movies very rarely applies in real life. And we know this well. Too well, in fact. And here's where we tend to drift off the point at times. It's not like love doesn't come to us. It does. Cupid strikes. But we, like idiots, strike back and fight. Our guard goes up, our inhibitions kick in and we end up sulking alone, thinking about what could have been a happily ever after if only we had shown courage.  Source: forums . sgclub And that's not the worst part. Most often, we don't even realize that we've brutally murdered Cupid.  Someone amazing enters our life and we start singing in the shower again. We smile more. Life starts feeling awesome again. Song on our lips, smile on our face and all that jazz