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12 Reasons Why Working Saturdays Is The Worst Thing Ever

Most people finish up with work on Friday evenings and head out with major weekend plans. Saturday mornings are always non-existent because they wake up late. But for some of us, there is no such thing. Because we have to go to work on Saturdays as well. While the rest of the world celebrates a well-deserved break, we are stuck in office, working our asses off. Here are 12 reasons why working Saturdays are the worst thing that can happen to anyone:

1. Friday nights don't excite you anymore.

What's the point? You have to wake up early and head to work the next day anyway.

2. No parties on Saturdays either.

Because you're stuck at work, remember?

3. Your friend circle diminishes because you don't socialize enough.

Your friends get pissed off when you tell them you're busy.

4. While the rest of the world is lost in slumber, you feel like a loser getting up early on Saturdays.

Even the maid comes in late on Saturdays.

5. Facebook statuses and photos of friends don't help.

While they are living their lives, you are staring into your computer as always.

6. In the unlikely event that you're free on Saturday, nobody calls you anywhere.

Because everyone assumes that you'd be working.

7. You can't go for weekend trips with friends.

Where could you possibly go for just one day? You'll end up spending more time travelling to and fro than at the place you're going to.

8. Even if you take an off on Friday, you still don't have an extended weekend.

Because Saturday, remember?

9. You have to take an off or a half day if you have to go to the bank...

Unless you're a banker yourself.

10. You're not paid extra for working 52 extra days (Saturdays) in a year.

That's right! You work 52 more days than everybody else. Go kill yourself now!

11. You just have Sunday to finish all the pending household chores.

12. Which technically means you'd be working on Sunday as well.

And so, you feel that you never really have a break.

If you feel your life is bad, just think of all the people in the world who have to work on Saturdays. And in case you are one of them, I feel you bro. I feel you!


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