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Lessons in leadership from The Minions

I  know The Minions is supposed to be a children’s movie, all about fun and laughter, and I am not to read too much into it or between the lines. But, when I was watching the movie I realised it offered, surprisingly, some deep lessons in leadership and entrepreneurship. So, if you have not watched the movie yet and plan to, then stop reading right now for there are SPOILERS AHEAD. Take Risks:  Kevin, Stuart and Bob need not have made that perilous journey out of the cold, snow-covered cave the Minions had made their home. They could have wallowed in collective misery. But they did not give up and so found the ‘boss’ they wanted so desperately. A number of startups/companies flounder because the founder/leader is scared to try something new. Only if you take a big risk, do you stand the chance of a big reward. Hedge your bets:  The entire Minion colony did not follow Kevin when he hatched the plan to go find them a big, bad boss. They only sent guitar-strumming Stuart