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10 characters in Bahubali who can also be found in Software industry

1) Amarendra Bahubali Amar is a hard working  developer  /  tester  who got all required skills . Though always eligible for best rating , sometimes he is confined to lesser ratings owing to politics and  bell curve . 2) Bhallaladeva Bhalla is an above average   developer  /  tester  who got decent skills , but won’t work hard. He use politics to get best rating in appraisal . He  is always jealous of Bahu.. 3) Bij jaladeva Bijju is a   team lead   /  manager  w h o shows partiality on Bahu . He often employ politics to get best ratings for his pet resource (Bhalla) even if he is not worth for it. 4) Sivagami Sivagami is a   Sr . team lead  /  Sr . manager   who is motivational, strong and  tough . She  allots outstanding rating for any  resources who can get appreciation from clients with their deliverables. But Sometimes because of   bell curve   she decrease  the rating even for the deserved. 5) Kalakeya Client who speaks in their