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30 ways Interns are like minions

1.  They look like this on their first day: 2.  And they feel like this: 3.  They travel in packs. 4.   They’re never what you expected from the phone interview. 5.  They are easily confused. 6.  Not to mention overeager. 7.  They don’t know where to get lunch. 8.  They’re often underdressed. 9.  They know their place. 10.  They agree with anything anybody says. 11.  Jamming the copy machine is their specialty. 12.  So is asking the same questions over and over again. 13.  They can be hard to understand. 14.  They kiss up to their bosses.        15.  Friendly competition happens.   16.  But they eventually learn how to work as a team. 17.  Answering the phone is intimidating. 18.  They might take selfies when the boss isn’t looking. 19.  Happy hour is a must. 20.  They keep their workspace clean and organized (m