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Ⓜ Mumbai tips   🔱 🚩 🏰 ⛵ 🚤 🌁 🌇 🌊 : 1. If you are a real Mumbaikar and away from Mumbai, you get sentimental, even if you hear words like Chembur; Dadar; Andheri, Bandra.  🌆   🌃  🌉 2. Mumbai - the only city where people no matter what language, religion and caste, express frustration by saying ' chayla '  💃 3. The only place where even bus conductor motivates us "Chalo aage badho "  🚃 🚃 🚃 4. For Mumbaikars - Burger bole toh bakwaas , vada pav bole toh jhakaas . 🍛 🍔 5. Mumbaikars - we will stand in empty trains and will fight for a seat in crowded ones . 🚈🚇 6. Mumbai - A city where people come to make their career and end up making their life. 👣 7. A city with blend of different people and three things, ' pudhil station', 'Agla station', and 'next station' 🚂🚂🚂 8. Slow local trains - the one which halts at all stations Fast trains - the one which halts in between stations.  🚥 🚉 🚥 🚉 9. Everything i

10 Alcoholic Drinks So Strong They Can Knock Out The Manliest Of You

Alcohol overdosing is nothing unusual. Recall your last weekend! The drinks we usually knock ourselves out with, have as much 8-25 percent alcohol. Well okay , 40 percent, tops. It’s hard to come across anything beyond 40 percent at bars (unless on demand) because the higher the ABV (alcohol by volume), the higher are your chances of you getting knocked out. But still, there exists a dark land of spirits where ABV can go up to a suicidal 96 percent. Here are 10 of the world’s strongest drinks straight out of hell. 10. Absinthe (45%- 72% Alcohol) Best known to induce hallucinating effects and also the most easily available strongest alcoholic drinks, absinthe sits on the tenth spot on our list. Made with wormwood bark or Artemisia absenthium, absinthes are available from 90 Proof (45% ABV) to 170 Proof (85% ABV). However, most people keep it safe and don’t go beyond 72% ABV. 9. Bacardi 151 (75.5% Alcohol) With an alcohol content as high as 75.5% ABV, the bottle of 151 co

10 Problems Every Guy Faces If His Best Friend Is A Girl

Having a girl as your best friend is a fantastic thing to happen to any guy. They are super fun, they are caring, they understand you better, and you get the best dating advice ever. Not to mention they bring along their cute female friends too. But even the best rosebush has thorns, and having a girl best friend can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Those who’ve had girls as their best buds will relate to these 10 situations.  1. Everybody Thinks You Are Together © Excel Entertainment The one biggest disadvantage of having a girl best friend is that the whole world thinks you are together. Including your parents. And they simply assume that you two will end up together one day.  2. Girls At Clubs Assume You Are Taken This has got to be the biggest casualty. And sometimes you just want to tell your girl BFF to stay away! Stay the hell away. While sometimes she brings her cute friends along and you are more than happy, most often than not, she doesn’t. And no matter